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Telling stories through sound

Audio Post Production. Sound Design. Mixing. Dialogue. ADR. Sound Effects. Foley


We specialize in post production sound packages for all genres of feature films, short films, TV shows, commercials, and trailers for both domestic and international distribution.

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Surround Mixing

Our mix suite boasts a 5.1 surround mixing environment that allows us to tailor your mix for cinema, TV, or any other broadcast medium. Our system is Dolby calibrated for screening standards and technical acoustic balance.

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Fully Filled M&E

International distribution is vital for feature films. We want your film to play around the world. We understand the QC process and approach our mixes with pristine detail to meet those requirements.  Audio is not an issue in the final hour.

Male arms with hands inside brown male elegant shoe over a wood table imitating male steps

Foley Recording and Editing

We record and sync real-world action so that your film sounds realistic.  Foley is an integral component to the final mix.  The combination of artifacts that our Foley artists use achieve intriguing results that may surprise you.

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Dialogue Editorial

Our experienced team uses special techniques and innovative technology to polish actors' voices.  We want your characters’ dialogue to be clean and powerful. We know how to get it there.


Sound Design

Stories have unique characters, settings, and elements that exist only in our imagination, until an artistic sound designer makes them a reality.  Our talented sound designers meticulously record, blend, and sculpt rich textures, producing a cohesive sonic profile that is unique to your movie.

Audio sound wave studio editing computer program screen showings sounds on screen from voc

Sound Effects Editorial

Forests, cities, vintage cars, carnival games, and sci-fi gadgets.  These are characters too, and should be treated as such.  There is experienced craftsmanship behind our sound effect choices.


RED DIAMOND is a company with its own team of sound engineers, each of whom is a career specialist in there field.


Meet our 2 studios, where each space is designed to work professionally on your project.


Mixing & Mastering Studio

STUDIO A is designed for 5.1 surround and stereo mixing. STUDIO A is equipped with the best gear in the industry to deliver your project in the best possible quality.



Foley Studio

STUDIO B is designed to record foley and prepare all the sound design of each project. STUDIO A is equipped with the best gear in the industry to deliver your project in the best possible quality.

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